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Centralised Audio Visual Systems

We can design a system for you which has all the equipment hidden away from view.

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Hidden Equipment

Nothing to see other than the screens and speakers!

It is becoming ever increasingly popular to dedicate a central location within your property for all the AV & tech equipment to be housed completely out of sight. This relies upon a structured cabling installation backbone with all cables being wired out from this central location to each of the rooms in question.

We can provide you with the design and infrastructure for such a system allowing you to house your Sky Boxes, amplifiers, matrices, control equipment Internet router, networking equipment and much more in areas such as dedicated rack rooms, basements or utility rooms.

We use Middle Atlantic rack solutions for all our projects and they have many different ranges which allow for the racks to be concealed within joinery spaces and other solutions to make the most of any space available.

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Multi-Room Audio

We can provide you with a system which allows you to listen to music in any room within your property. We often specify multi-room audio speakers which consist of speakers within rooms wired back to a central AV equipment location.

In the AV rack we would house amplifiers which would power the speakers, an audio matrix which would allow the control system to switch between rooms, and we can also house AV Receivers which provide surround sound processing and amplification to surround sound rooms.

We then introduce a control system such as Control4 or Crestron to provide you with a simple to use graphical interface to choose your music in any of the enabled rooms. We would recommend services such as Rhapsody (Napster), Tune-In Radio or Deezer and TIDAL for high resolution audio. These streaming services are all built in to the Control4 system controllers and can be added to a Crestron system using equipment such as Autonomics Mirage Media Servers.

We can also help integrate your existing iTunes library so that you have all your music available on your iPhone/iPad and also in the house to listen to on the multi-room audio system.

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Multi-Room Video

We can provide you with a system which allows you to share your Sky Boxes, Blu-Ray, Kaleidescape Movie Servers and other sources amongst a number of TV’s within your property.

All of these sources will be located in the central equipment AV rack and then the 4K signals can be sent out to all of the screen locations using specialist HDBaseT cables. This type of centralised multi-room system allows you the ultimate flexibility in terms of having all your content at all screen locations without having any equipment within the rooms.

For example, if you are watching a Blu-Ray movie in the Living Room and want to finish watching this in the Master Bedroom you can simply pause the movie, and then select it again in the Master Bedroom.

We would design a control system from either Control4 or Crestron to allow you to have easy access and control over this system, simplifying what is a very complex installation down into a single handheld remote or smart device application.

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