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High Fidelity Audo

What is Hi-Fi sound?

Most audiophiles would define this as the reproduction of sound at a level which would closest replicate the original form. Being able to listen to a piece of music in the way which it was recorded by the original artist without any compression or alteration to the track. If you were to close your eyes you should be able to imagine you are in the room with the artist singing to you.

Achieving this is not simple and it depends not only on the quality of the loudspeakers and electronics, but also on the fundamental limitations of the stereo and multi-channel formats that are currently in use.

At London AV Solutions we can recommend a solution for you which takes into account the room in which the speakers will be placed, any acoustical challenges, the format of the content and the right choice of speakers. We can then also integrate this into your wider smart home installation.

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Bowers & Wilkins

Best in class sound reproduction from home audio equipment that gives you the finest seat in the arena or concert hall, or immerses you in the movie.

Bowers & Wilkins is a world renowned producer of audio equipment. The advances it makes in loudspeaker technology today will be commonplace in the top end speakers of tomorrow. But why wait for tomorrow?

From carbon braced tweeters to new design bass drivers and Kevlar sound cones: choose B&W audio equipment for your home and you’ll find the innovations that deliver new standards in performance are matched by design that ensures your home audio equipment looks as good as it sounds.

Work with B&W and London AV Solutions to custom design your London home theatre or home audio system installation, so your sound system integrates flawlessly with your refurbishment project.

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Bang & Olufsen

We are delighted to be an approved Bang & Olufsen Custom Installer.

For decades the Danish design icon has been a byword for the very best in design-led technology – home audio visual systems as art, where every product, from TVs to speakers systems to headphones, is as beautiful as the sound it creates or the image it produces.

But what you might not expect is just how easily integrated Bang & Olufsen home AV systems have become. With a simple touch of a button, BeoLink technology enables seamless communication across the entire range of B&O systems. It integrates virtually any device (Apple TV, Blu-ray disc player, PS3) or home automation system (Crestron, Control4) and you can control everything from your iPhone, iPad, tablet or from Bang & Olufsen’s stylish remotes and control panels.

The result is a London home AV installation with all the style and beauty you would expect from B&O, with the power to connect with and enhance your existing digital equipment.

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Best known as the manufacturer of the iconic Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, Linn Products is an engineering company producing hi-fi and audio equipment since 1973. Today they offer pre-configured systems or you can build the hi-fi of your dreams from the ground up, missing and matching components to your heart’s content to find the perfect combination for your home. It’s also easy to get started with Linn because it works with the products you already use every day. You’ll get better sound from your existing sources and you’ll be able to control your Linn using the mobile devices you already own.

Blu-ray, DVD, digital or satellite TV, Xbox, PS3 or Wii – connect them all and make everything sound better. Use your laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android device to browse your music library, choose albums and create playlists.

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Wisdom Audio

Founded in 1996, Wisdom Audio initially designed and manufactured high-end hybrid loudspeakers incorporating both planar and dynamic driver elements. Wisdom has since focused solely on its formidable architectural loudspeaker products that also utilise hybrid designs, along with a full line of complementary amplifiers and controllers.

Wisdom Audio offer 3 separate series of speakers – the Wisdom series, the Sage series and the Insight series. The Wisdom Series is the flagship range from Wisdom, introducing a new standard of transducer refinement and capability, significantly extending the performance envelope even beyond our award-winning Sage Series™.

The Wisdom Audio Sage Series is a groundbreaking technical achievement that addresses the growing demand for high performance loudspeaker systems that can be integrated into a home to address contemporary entertainment lifestyles. Each Sage model provides the performance of an exotic audiophile loudspeaker while respecting architectural integrity and providing a pleasing visual aesthetic. This series offers unprecedented flexibility to address a range of installation options while exceeding the highest performance levels available among typical architectural designs.

The Insight Series™ brings key core technologies and performance characteristics of the award-winning Sage Series® to more accessible price points.



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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90

High-end speaker designer Bang & Olufsen landed at CES 2016 with their new BeoLab 90 speakers system, and very complicated, internally amplified pair of stereo speakers that needed to be seen - and heard - to be believed.

Cementing B&O's reputation for a signature style, the 90s feature an asymmetrical driver layout, multiple built-in amplifiers, auto-sensing acoustic adjustment abilities, and a price tag likely north of £40,000. For two of them.