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Even better than being at the cinema.

Today, you and your family watched a movie at a new cinema. The images were razor sharp. The sound cocooned you. The seats enveloped you. And the only person making a noise with their popcorn was you.

This is the cinema built for your home. Where every aspect is built with you, for you and around you. Where everything, from sound to lights to aspect ratios is integrated and automated. And where control is simple, elegant and intuitive.

We create home cinemas in London where every movie, concert or match becomes an event. You’ll find the initial wow factor never fades. And you’ll find your friends making lots more excuses to visit and share the experience.

Let London AV Solutions make your new home cinema installation easy. Please call us on 0203 819 7000.

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Home Cinema Design & Consultancy

A home cinema is about more than screen, seats and sound. No matter how technologically, visually and aurally spectacular it may be (and it will be), we believe the starting point for every home cinema in London must be the way it works with the home around it.

That’s why we plan with you. We’ll work with you to identify which areas/features of the room matter most to you and your family so we can make them part of our designs.

We’ll share our plans with your architect or interior designer. And we’ll consider every last detail, from acoustic performance and hidden cabling to compatibility with existing hardware, to create a home cinema space that’s a simple, powerful pleasure.

We will then present our preliminary home cinema designs and calculations with detailed costings. Once approved, we will finalise designs and produce schematics and drawings which can then be shared with the project team. Throughout the installation we’ll remain available to meet on site at any time, and we’ll work with your architect or main contractor to ensure your project runs smoothly.

A great home cinema installation begins with expert design. Discuss your home cinema design plans now with London AV Solutions.

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Home Cinema Seating

For furniture every bit as exciting, immersive and dramatic as anything on screen.

Whatever your style of home cinema, you’ll find complementary furniture to enjoy it at its best with London AV Solutions. Our home cinema seating and furniture is a carefully selected blend of supreme comfort and high style, with options for bedroom, living room and home cinema room.

Our partners include:


In 1999, when Neal Parsons asked Fortress to build a home cinema chair he had designed, 60 years of furniture making know-how found its mission. Soon, home cinema seating became Fortress’ signature product.

You’ll find a huge range of distinctive home cinema seating options with Fortress, but comfort, attention to detail and a deep understanding of what it takes to craft the perfect cinema seat are part of every model in the range.


For the London home theatre where what you relax on is as important as what you watch, choose Cineak. Each chair is handcrafted to your specific measurements and personal preferences. Arm widths are tailored to your liking. Arm rest designs and stitch patterns can be personalised.

No home cinema seating is made with greater attention to personal detail. And no home cinema seating feels so dedicatedly and passionately constructed.

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Acoustic Treatment & Bespoke Effects

Technology isn’t the whole story. The acoustics of your London home cinema are just as vital – if not the most vital – component in creating a cinema experience you love. In fact an excellent system in a poorly designed or untreated room may have poorer sound quality than a mediocre system in a well-designed room.

Ask us to take your home cinema installation from concept to completion and we’ll ensure your space creates an acoustic environment that’s perfectly suited to your home cinema – and the home around it.

We’ll help you choose the right sound absorbing and sound proofing products. We’ll discuss sound insulation and the ideal acoustic treatments for surfaces within your home cinema. And we’ll supply and install everything you need to enjoy your home cinema equipment at its very best. Call us now.

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Laser Projectors or Traditional DLP/LCD?

Recently, projection technology has had a major breakthrough, laser phosphor light sources replace the usual lamp system. The result of this means lower running and servicing costs. Sudden and expensive lamp changes are not necessary, plus the same brightness is maintained for the life of the laser projector. The overall light output produced by a laser projector, depending upon models, can be higher than a standard DLP projector, producing clearer images and colours.

Laser projectors also offer instant on/off without the need for waiting for the traditional boot times. They are also less fragile and therefore more suitable for a commercial application.

Traditional lamp based projectors remain more affordable than laser and still offer a great solution for achieving a very large image compared to using a video wall or large format monitor.

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4K Projection

4K Ultra High Definition is the new video standard which we are all reading about over recent months. 4K Ultra HD video is a revolution in resolution, and offers a quantum leap forward in picture quality when it comes to video projection. 4K UHD is technically a big jump up from Full HD. Offering 3840 x 2160 pixels compared to 1920 x 1080, UHD images are potentially four times sharper than what you’ll see from a 1080p Full HD projector

However at present there are some caveats relating to 4K. This is definitely the way of the future, but at present there are very few 4K content sources to watch on your 4K projector. Broadcasters are only just starting to broadcast 4K – for example the new Sky Q service and also Netflix. There is also a price leap when looking at 4K as opposed to Full HD projectors. 4K definitely costs more, but investing in a Full HD projector which will be obsolete in 2-3yrs may not be advisable.

In terms of the commercial environment there are 4K content sources, for example current Apple Macbooks output 4K resolution so if you are giving a presentation from a laptop connection point using a 4K projector you will see the difference in image quality.

If you were to decide upon a Laser 4K projector the price steps up one further level as there are fewer models available. This will change as more models come to market.

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Projection Screens

The screen that’s projected onto plays an important role in achieving a professional result. Without the screen, text and images crucial to your presentation are harder to see. Good brightness, colour and contrast levels cannot be achieved when projecting onto a bare white wall.

The structure of the screen surface material effects the way it deals with the light from the projector, and also how other ambient light is reflected. As the majority of commercial installations are in rooms that are not dark like a home cinema, we recommend screens that are designed to work in these environments such as the Supernova from DNP or the FireHawk from Stewart Filmscreens.

These screens can dramatically improve the visual experience for meeting and conference rooms. Installed correctly; light is directed towards the viewer, rather than sporadically towards walls and ceiling. Therefore contrast levels and detail are maximised to offer an image that’s similar to having the lights off in the room.

We can offer fixed screen solutions or solutions where the screen is concealed within the ceiling and only lowers automatically when the room is in use. Call us now for more information.

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Fortress Seating Manufacturing Tour

Join Fortress on a tour of their US factory to see just how these seats are made.

If you have an interest in Fortress home cinema seating then please contact us and we can arrange for a demonstration of a number of their seating ranges at their UK distributors facilities in Stansted. We can also work with your design team to ensure that the seats are sized and placed correctly in the chosen room.
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