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Create your own bespoke home cinema or media room with London AV Solutions

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Even better than being at the cinema.

Today, you and your family watched a movie at a new cinema. The images were razor sharp. The sound cocooned you. The seats enveloped you. And the only person making a noise with their popcorn was you.

This is the cinema built for your home. Where every aspect is built with you, for you and around you. Where everything, from sound to lights to aspect ratios is integrated and automated. And where control is simple, elegant and intuitive.

We create home cinemas in London where every movie, concert or match becomes an event. You’ll find the initial wow factor never fades. And you’ll find your friends making lots more excuses to visit and share the experience.

Let London AV Solutions make your new home cinema installation easy. Please call us on 0203 819 7000.

Even better than being at the cinema. image