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Smart lighting control systems, set lighting scenes from the touch of a button

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Intelligent Lighting

A lighting control system allows you to have control over each and every lighting circuit within your property.

All the circuits would be wired back to lighting control enclosures and then our specialist lighting control programmers would group the circuit into scenes. These scenes would be assigned to buttons on the lighting control keypad and they would be engraved to suit.

For example, you may wish to have a scene in the Master Bedroom which is known as 'Bedtime'. If you activate this scene then the blinds could close, the downlights could turn off and the bedside lights can turn on. This scene can be activate by the keypad in the room, set to come on at a specific time or it can be activated using your control system on your smart device.

The options are truly endless if the right design is put in place during the building project.

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