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Control4 Dealers providing services across London.

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Control4 Gold Dealers - the official gateway to the ultimate smart home ....

We are Control4 Dealers providing services across Central London. We can assist with new Control4 installations, Control 4 OS 3.0 upgrades or maintenance of existing Control4 systems.

A Control4 System Smart Home coordinates the technology in your life into complete, brilliant experiences — interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. With one touch, Control4 automation can dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Or, have your house respond to your schedule and needs without touching anything at all.

There are many smart devices available today—TVs, thermostats, door locks, even light bulbs that you can control with apps on your smartphone. A Control4 smart home orchestrates more than 9,000 of your favourite connected devices, making all the apps and solutions work together seamlessly. And that, is when your home truly becomes smart.

A Control4 system coordinates virtually all the connected devices in your home to create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind. And with the help of London AV Solutions, it’s easy to update and adapt your home to your changing needs today and in the future.

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Control4 Lighting has two ways in which to introduce smart lighting into your home. Control4 has its own lighting control range which keypads, enclosures and lighting modules which we can use to provide you with an intelligent Control4 lighting control system.

A lighting control system allows you to have independent control over every lighting circuit in your property. You can then group these circuits into ‘scenes’ and programme buttons on keypads to reflect scenes which you regularly use on a daily basis. For example, you can have a scene for watching a movie where the lights dim to a pre-defined level, curtains close and the projector switches on. All of this can be programmed from a single button on a lighting keypad or a Control4 user device.

We often tend to find that a Control4 lighting control solution is very cost effective when compared to other lighting control systems. It is a modular system which consists of the main enclosure, and then a number of dimming modules, 0-10v dimming modules or switched, relay modules. The number of modules depends upon the number of circuits within the lighting installation and the loadings on each of these circuits.

Control4 also integrates flawlessly with Lutron, Clipsal, iLight and other lighting control brands so if you have an existing Lutron system for example, we can integrate this with a new Control4 system.

For more info on lighting control please see our dedicated services page
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A Control4 system allows you to eliminate all of those unwanted remote controls which clutter your home. Our highly trained Control4 programmer will programme your system so that the TV always comes on at the right input. The volume levels are pre-defined, the Sky box comes on at the same time as the TV, everything is in sync. The specialist settings on AV receivers are all set during the commissioning stages by our engineers and the Control4 system ensures that you do not need to adjust these at any time leaving the system fully configured and calibrated.

The end result is that watching TV is more pleasurable and trouble-free. You have access to all your content through one single remote control or through your iPad or iPhone or any of the Control4 touchscreens.

Our Control4 programmers can also configure bespoke settings so that if you are watching a movie in the cinema or media room, the lights dim down, curtains close and the movie begins. We can trigger other systems such as lighting and blinds when certain scenes are selected.

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The new EA range of controllers from Control4 have dramatically changed the way that our clients listen to music. No longer do you need to have multiple Sonos components in the installation, the EA controllers now have streaming services and Airplay built in. This not only saves money but also reduces the number of components in the installation which makes the project more robust.

The EA controllers now have the following streaming services built in – Rhapsody (Napster), Deezer, TIDAL, Tune-In and Pandora. The flagship EA5 has a built-in music server which delivers immersive, multi-stream, high-resolution audio with five built-in simultaneous audio streams from your local music collection, a variety of streaming music services, or from AirPlay-enabled devices using native Control4 ShairBridge technology.

At London AV Solutions we can design and install a multi-room audio system which enables you to listen to all of this content in any room. If you already have in-ceiling speakers installed in your property we can enable these and add them to a wider Control4 system.

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A Control4 system can encompass different security systems to ensure that your home is safe and protected at all times. Control4 can integrate with a variety of different CCTV manufacturers and we prefer using Lilin CCTV systems. You can view all CCTV camera feeds through the Control4 application on your iPhone/iPad at home or when you are away from the home using a 4sight remote access license.

Control4 also has a range of ‘Smart Locks’ from Yale which can be personalised with individual entrance codes so you can keep track of who has been in your property. They have key-less lock options which offer you the option of entering using a dedicated PIN or with an RFID tag system. You can assign temporary access codes for cleaners or subcontractors so access is granted at specific times only. You can set up personalised web alerts so that you know when the kids have arrived home. These are just a few example of the power of a Control4 fully integrated system.

We can also link together your alarm and your lighting for example, so if you security alarm sounds, the external and ground floor lighting can flash intermittently.

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A Control4 system can integrate with many different heating and cooling systems to provide you with a single user interface for managing the climate within your home. We would recommend placing a number of in-wall or portable Control4 touchscreens throughout the property to give you a place to manage the heating and also the air conditioning if required.

You can also use your smart phone to adjust the temperature when you are away from the house. If you have been away on holiday you can ensure the heating is off whilst you are away and back on again just before you arrive back to ensure energy is not wasted.

Control4 can also integrate your blinds and curtains so that they roll up and down in time with sun-rise or sun-set. You can also control the curtains whilst you are away and put the house into vacation mode so that lights and curtains open at set times to mimic occupation within the house.

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Control4 home automation systems have a number of system components which allow you to communicate more efficiently within the home and with guests visiting your home. Control4 have an external door station solution which works as a whole house intercom system. The external door station has full-motion video and high-quality audio intercom for crystal-clear communication. Combine this with in-wall or portable touchscreens and you have a whole house solution enabling you to see who is at the door and communicate with them clearly. We can also integrate door latch mechanisms to allow you to answer the door or external gates.

We can also configure these external door stations to take camera snapshots when the keypad is activated and these images can be sent to your mobile device.

The Control4 in-wall touchscreens can also be used for communication within the house. You can have 7″ or 10″ flush mounted touchscreens located in key rooms to allow you to communicate between rooms with the conventional approach of shouting from the kitchen when dinner is ready for example. If you have a garden studio or summerhouse you can use a Control4 touchscreen to communicate to the main house over the local network.


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4Sight Remote Access

The new and improved 4Sight service gives you true “Anywhere Access” to your Control4 system. You can monitor and control your home system from your smart phone, tablet or web browser virtually anywhere where you have 3G/4G or internet access.

We can setup alerts on your Control4 system about the status of your system so you are always in the know. Custom alerts such as ‘Garage door left open’ can be sent to inform you of important events as soon as they happen allowing you the time to respond. End-to-End Security 4Sight uses the same secure communication protocols and hack-proof encryption used by financial institutions, ensuring you get on-demand access to your smart home without any of the networking hassles or security concerns.

4Sight also gives you access to your home at all times remotely. This can be useless in situations such as the babysitter not knowing how to switch the TV off, the heating being left on during a hot summer day. You have the possibility of being connected to your home at all times.

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Control4 User Interfaces

If you choose to install a Control4 system you have a wide variety of cost effective end user interfaces to use to control your system.

We would recommend the standard SR260 handheld remote controller for any TV zone. This is a hard buttoned remote which would take the place of all the other remotes you would traditionally find in your TV room. It is intuitive to use and very cost effective. This comes with or without a recharging cradle.

You then have the Control4 application for any smart device such as an iPad/iPhone/PC/Android device. This is a free app and you simply need your Control4 username and password to access your system. You need to be connected to the Wi-Fi network to access this without a 4Sight subscription.

Control also have their in-wall and portable touchscreen range which are very popular – 7″ and 10″ touchscreens are available in black or white.

Every Control4 controller comes with a Navigator menu. This can be viewed on your TV screen and it allows you to select what you would like to do – ie watch/listen for example and then navigate the menu directly on the screen. The Control4 screen is the same on all devices so it is intuitive for people of any age to use and enjoy.

Control4 Touchscreen Options
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Experience Smart Home Living with Control4

Experience the Control4 difference and get the most out of home automation. Smart lighting, smart entertainment, smart security, smart comfort, and so much more!

New or existing homes, expansive or just one room; Control4 orchestrates your smart devices to work together. Control all your entertainment and smart devices with one remote. Stream 4K movies in every room. Stream custom playlists and your favourite music throughout the house. All your favourite streaming services, from Spotify to Pandora, are included with every Control4 system.
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