COVID-19 Communication UPDATED 5th January 2021

COVID-19 Protection Policy

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18/05/2020 | Katie Sparrevohn | Back to Blog

Given the COVID-19 virus pandemic and how it is impacting our world we have been implementing policies and practices to ensure the health & safety of our employees, clients and suppliers and, at the same time, providing optimum service during this crisis.

We are currently following all Government and WHO guidelines and recommendations on the steps we can take to help best protect all stakeholders. As a result, we have made the necessary adjustments to our work and operations.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and we will make any adjustments to our COVID-19 Policy as necessary.

Thank you for your attention to this notification and for your business with AV Solutions London and AV Solutions Surrey. Please continue to stay safe and healthy while we all work through this together.

In the Office
Protecting Staff and Suppliers

  • Our London and Surrey offices remain open for business with minimal staff onsite to answer phone lines and take deliveries. All other staff members are working from home or on site if needed. We have made the necessary adjustments to our processes following a full risk assessment. PPE has been made available to all members of staff, as well as hand sanitiser and hand wash given to each employee. Hand sanitising stations have been placed at all entrances and around the office. The office will be deep cleaned multiple times a week, including a deep clean of all surfaces. PPE can be disposed safely within our disposal boxes. We have a temperature scanner at the entrance to the office for anyone entering the building.

  • We are fortunate enough to have considerable space in our office and warehouse, but the number of people in each breakout space will be limited to allow for the 2m social distancing limit.

  • Our employees are aware of the symptoms of COVID-19. In accordance with NHSE advice, all employees have been advised to self-isolate if they suspect that they have such symptoms and are not to return to work for at least 7 days. We have a strict travel policy in place and none of our staff members will be travelling overseas at this time as we adhere to Government restrictions.


  • As it currently stands, our suppliers have not expressed any concerns with their ability to manufacture and ship their products on-time. If we hear about such delays in the future, we will immediately communicate the news with those customers that will be affected.

  • We are currently carrying out training and any supplier meetings via Webinars and video conferencing to avoid any unnecessary travel or visitors to the office space.

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On Site
Protecting our Clients

  • When working with clients in their home, business or on a building site we have strict policies to ensure your safety. In the first instance we will ask clients to vacate the areas we are working in wherever possible. Our employees will wear full PPE, use hand gel before entering and will adhere to comply with any special measures set by an individual client.

  • In advance of our visit, we will check with clients whether anyone with whom we are expected to meet or have contact with has current symptoms of the Coronavirus, or has come into contact with someone who has, or has returned from overseas travel within the previous 14 days

  • Wherever possible we will provide remote support where there are service issues as the first line of fault finding

Meeting clients

  • Unless a face to face meeting is crucial, we will take advantage of video conferencing tools to minimise risk. When attending meetings in person, our staff will abide by the 2m social distancing recommendations and ensure that they adhere to appropriate hygiene measures.

  • All meetings will be limited to a small group and any larger meetings will take place via video conferencing.

  • All engineers and Project Managers or Sales Managers are being tested weekly for Covid-19 using the Roche rapid Antigen tests.

On Site image