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28/05/2020 | Katie Sparrevohn | Back to Blog
When your home becomes as luxurious as a five-star hotel, why would you ever want to leave?

Summer has been officially cancelled – no holidays, no Wimbledon, no Regatta, and no Olympics. However, don’t despair because we can help you to bring summer fun and luxury into your garden with the best smart home technology systems, so you won’t miss out on vacation relaxation or festivities!

Superior Outdoor Sound
If you have a beautiful back garden, you need speakers to fully enjoy and get the most out of relaxing outside. Good outdoor speakers can spread audio equally, while also being waterproof and weather-resistant to the elements when not in use. At London AV Solutions we recommend the Sonance Garden Series as it is durable, discreet, customizable and provides crystal clear sound. The Sonance system provides a quality listening experience rarely heard in basic outdoor speakers, perfect for music enthusiasts.

We can provide you with a system that allows you to Airplay straight from your favourite streaming apps, such as Spotify, to your outdoor speakers. So hop on the sun lounger, pop open the champagne, turn up the tunes and immerse yourself in a beautiful sound experience.
Superior Outdoor Sound image
Outdoor Cinema
You might not be able to go to Lord’s to watch the cricket or to Silverstone to watch the Grand Prix, but you can enjoy it on a big screen in your outdoor space so you feel like you’re there! We can install LED TVs from premium brands Aquavision and Videotree who provide a luxury range of fully waterproof televisions that can withstand all elements and temperatures.

A Smart Home System, such as Control4 or Crestron, will allow you to control all your entertainment and smart devices with one remote or app. You can watch 4K movies, custom playlists and your favourite music on your outdoor TV and sound system, so you can enjoy the ultimate cinema experience in your own garden!
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Intelligent Outdoor Lighting
Finally, you need to get the mood right. Whether you want motion-activated lights that sync with your security system, colour-changing lights to help add atmosphere to your family fiesta or simply lights you can control remotely from your phone, there are intelligent lighting solutions that we can create. Lutron ‘Scenes’ allow you to set the right mood for your garden holiday fun!
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Make the most of your home this summer!

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