What is Crestron Home? A Complete Smart Home System

Crestron Smart Home Solutions

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05/10/2020 | Katie Sparrevohn | Back to Blog
Crestron Home

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Crestron Home brings your home to life with smart home technology that is intuitive and simple. Instantly responsive to touch or the sound of your voice. A room that awakens with a single touch. An environment that adjusts to every mood. The peace of mind that comes with knowing a house is safe and sound. With Crestron you can create a smart home that you never want to leave! You can control your home with the push of a button, integrating systems such as AV, lighting, shading, security.
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Would you like the lights to rise, and the shades to shut, when the sun sets? Or know the temperature will change at the same time every day? Or instantly respond when you say its “too hot” or “it’s too dark”? Crestron Home can be set to do what you want when you want it. Whether you want your home to be cool upon arrival, simply change the lighting, or do them both together, finding your comfort level is easy with a touch of your hand, from any Crestron Home touch point.

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Movies. Music. Gaming. Sports. Whatever your pleasure, the Crestron Home entertainment system is there to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest. Seamlessly, on every screen and perfectly, from every speaker. Effortlessly, from any touch screen, remote or mobile device.

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Creston Home offers best in class technology to assure every aspect of your security, in one smart home security system. A door that unlocks only with your fingerprint. Gates that can be monitored from the touch screen in your upstairs library. Front lights that welcome you home. A system that works seamlessly across every touch point. Thousands of businesses, universities and government offices rely on Crestron’s commitment to security. No other company can say the same.

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Crestron Home OS 3
Crestron Home OS 3 unlocks the full potential of the Crestron smart home. It delivers the optimum user experience, including hundreds of powerful new features and an interface that is both beautiful and easy to navigate on mobile devices and Crestron TSW touch screens.

Crestron Home OS 3 delivers sophisticated new page designs, exceptional dynamic room controls and icons, and powerful new features:
- Stylish, responsive, smooth performance
- Support for multiple homes
- New icons to save favourites – provides intuitive custom access and experience
- Refined layout for easy access to the most commonly used functions
- Dynamic, intuitive display features
- Personalization of UI using photos of home to represent rooms
- Enforced end-to-end encryption for secure communications
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