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embracing the new normal

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07/01/2021 | | Back to Blog

The end of the pandemic is within our sights, and the dawn of a ‘new normal’ will shortly be upon us.

Over the last 10 months homes have been transformed into secondary and sometimes primary workplaces for many and this will remain to be the case for some time.

To make your work from home experience a success, have suggested a 3-pronged attack: Create a workspace – Stay connected – Practice self care.

We have taken a deeper dive into these areas:

Creating A Workspace
The popularity and potential of smart homes has segued almost seamlessly into a spotlight on smart offices and office automation.

Smart offices can help facilitate productivity and provide a more creative and efficient work space, as well as automate time-consuming processes. Key to this are centralized workplace management solutions that enable organisations to effectively meet the needs of both the business and its workforce.

The most effective smart offices will integrate all hardware, software, networks, sensors and spaces in a cohesive system that complements workplace functions and can adapt and be built upon when required.

For Crestron Smart Home customers, the solution comes in the recently announced Crestron Home Audio Conferencing System (UC-MM30-R), a tabletop conference device that pairs an enterprise-grade speakerphone with the powerful control of the Crestron Home operating system to provide one convenient home office companion.
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Staying Connected
As our customers look to future proof their new professional environments there is a huge focus of connectivity and network options.

Whether you are taking zoom calls all day, communicating on an instant messaging platform or vying for bandwidth with other WFH-ers and home-schoolers; it can be frustrating, especially when there isn’t enough to go around.

A solid, stable and fast Wi-Fi connection in your house has never been more important, whether you needed multiple networks, tighter security or a boost to your signal in your new home office.
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Practicing Self Care
Often left out but just as important, always remember to get up and move around, take breaks and drink plenty of water – our smart offices can take a great deal of stress out of our day, which means there is no excuse not to focus on looking after number 1!
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