Audio Visual Case Study – Notting Hill Church

Integrated Smart Home with Crestron Control

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Residential Installation in Converted Church
This Notting Hill Church AV Project took place in 2008 in a two apartment conversion of a iconic Notting Hill Church.
The Notting Hill Church AV installation consisted of a fully integrated Crestron control system and a high-end bespoke cinema room.

The control system integrated with the Crestron lighting control system, security alarm, communal intercom and the audio visual systems within the apartment. We used a combination of Crestron TPS6L in-wall touchscreens, TPS-6x handheld controllers and TPMC4XG remotes. The client later added iPad Mini's to the system in all rooms.

The cinema consisted of an Aerial Acoustics System 1 front-wall arrangement. SYSTEM 1 is an exceptionally capable multi-channel speaker system that surrounds large format video screens to form an integrated unit only twelve inches deep and barely wider than the screen itself. An impressive assemblage of audio technologies, SYSTEM 1 employs twenty-five custom-designed drivers within its high-performance left, center, and right channel loudspeakers and twin high-output subwoofers. Legendary Aerial performance is discreetly integrated within a slender, unobtrusive unit.

The installation also contained a Kaleidescape system for the clients movie library.
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