Club VIP

Club VIP exists to provide our VIP clients with a level of service which has a personal touch and meets their expectations on every occasion.

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Why Choose Us?

We have worked alongside VIP clients for the past 10 years and we understand that they have different needs and expectations. At Club VIP we can deliver upon these expectations, without fail. We also strive to create long term relationships with our VIP clients that allow us to maintain and provide for all their AV needs for many years and over many different properties.

We understand there is often a complex decision making process and a team of property managers, IT specialists, PA’s and housekeeping staff that need to be communicated with at all times in order to ensure that the properties are in perfect working order for when the VIP arrives. The two directors, Katie & Mikkel are the main point of contact for any VIP contact and communication and they personally oversee all contracts and are heavily involved from the design process through to handover and ongoing maintenance.

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What can we offer your client?
Discretion & Professionalism at all times
We are often asked to sign confidentiality agreements and we take this very seriously often requesting that our staff sign back to back agreements to ensure everyone understands the sensitive nature of the clients details and property.
24hr Maintenance Contracts
We offer maintenance contracts which include reactive routine maintenance and proactive call-out visits. We also offer 'bolt on' options to allow for the call-out visits to be out of hours if required.
Remote Maintenance
We offer a service whereby we install equipment within the main racks which allows us to monitor and maintain the system remotely.

This allows us the possibility of resolving an issue without inconveniencing the client by requiring access to site.
Fast Response Times
All emails and verbal communication are dealt with within a 1hr turnaround time to ensure the client's team have the right information at all times.

We understand the need to gather a full picture and all options before they are presented to the client so we will endeavour to provide this information at all times.
Experienced, Trustworthy Engineers
Our engineers are all experienced, highly trained and have an understanding in regards to the level of service required when working in a VIP property.

They are trustworthy and work in an organised manner to ensure that the standard of work is exceptional at all times.
Worldwide AV Services
We are willing to work on foreign projects either as consultants or for the full installation. We understand the requirement for consistency for a client who has multiple properties across the world and this is only truly achieved by having the AV design completed by a single company.

We can travel to survey foreign properties and arrange for a team of engineers to travel to complete works if required.
Our Projects.
Recently we have worked on the following projects:

  •  Large AV Upgrade to a 15,000 sq ft property in Belgravia which had a 8yr old Crestron installation in place. We upgraded all user interfaces, touch screens and remotes, all screens and intercom system and reprogrammed the project. We removed all historic dated equipment and installed a Crestron Digital Media system to distribute content at 4K quality. We were asked to consider reusing any equipment which could be kept in order to control costs for the client - which we did diligently. Total project value - £210,000 + vat

  • New AV installation for a refurbished property in Walton upon Thames, which incorporated a 16 room Crestron Audio & Video distribution system. Whole house network and Wi-Fi installation. Integration with Lutron lighting, AC and heating and CCTV. A bespoke home cinema installation including acoustic treatment, wall fabric, seating, projection and speaker system. Total project value = £400,000 + vat

  • We are currently consulting on a sizeable estate in Paris for an existing London client and the property will have approx 30 TV rooms with 52 independent audio zones. Complete Crestron control throughout with Crestron lighting control throughout the property. Integration with heating, air conditioning, CCTV and foreign TV streaming throughout. Project size = £550,000 + vat

We also have vast experience dealing with foreign clients such as those from Russia, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, USA and Dubai. We are experienced in the requirements of these clients in regards to foreign TV channels for example and the way in which they use and expect their properties to operate.
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London Residential AV Solutions

Club VIP is a sub-section of our main residential AV company, London Residential AV Solutions Ltd. Please feel free to browse through the main website to see the wide variety of services which we can offer to your VIP client and to see our team and our portfolio.

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Testimonial from current client
Profile for Aero Dragon
LRAV are efficient and reliable in their management of our large AV and network systems. They have been able to provide efficient service and also professional and cost effective solutions to renew and maintain our equipment to the highest standard. They are a trusted partner for us and we highly recommend them.
Management team of Aero Dragon Limited